Sunday, October 23, 2011

Elder Bayarjargal and his sister-in-law and nephew. His sister-in-law was in the office for an interview for baptism and he "happened" to be there. He was so excited to see his nephew who was born after he started his mission. His sister-in-law was baptized last Friday. Happy day.
Elder Jolley and President Gankhoyag (the new branch president in Khovd)
Sister Nymbayar and Sister these sister missionaries.
Love this little emee. In Relief Society we were talking about the blessings of the temple. Her sweetheart has passed away. She said, " I am too old to go to the temple. (she's 73) I said, "No you're not." We talked about the Temple Patron Fund. Her biggest concern was that she would have to sell her cow. I told her I didn't think the Lord would require her to sell the cow. She finally said, "Next year". I thought of Fiddler on the Roof and Yenta's ever statement, "Next year in Jerusalem." For emee it is "Next year in Hong Kong."

She reminded me of Grandma Stromme when she threw away her cane and walked straight and tall. When I asked her if I could take her picture she grew about six inches.
Sister Clark learning the morin khuur.
This is Bolor-tuya. She plays the morin khuur. She is the first chair in her orchestra and has won many medals. Her family hates her music and she comes to the church to practice. She plays very well. She says that the sound isn't very good because this is a student instrument. It is classic Mongolian music.

This cute little fellow became....

President Odgerel treated us to marmot. It is a cousin or somehow related to the woodchuck. After we ate some we found out it is on the endangered species list. (Oh, help!) They bought the meat at the zak and roasted it. It is a delicacy. It probably was the best meat we have had in Mongolia. I am glad I didn't see the pictures before I tasted it.

I have no idea how this crow could hold on to the top of this tree. This was one balanced crow.
You have to watch where you walk...especially at night or you might get eaten by a manhole.
We were walking back to the hotel about 8:30 on night and there were three donkeys. I haven't seen donkeys here. They just ignored us and went on their way.

There are cows everywhere...they ignored us as well.
Youth conference left some kids "tied" in knots.
President Clark gave a great demonstration on being true clear through. Which do you think is solid chocolate, which has a gooey filling, and which is hollow?
To make the fire to cook the soup you have to break the sticks.

The ger behind the church.

There isn't room in the kitchen in the church to cook a big meal. So there is a ger out back where they do the cooking.

This is the caretaker for the church. He keeps things clean and warm.

The building is heated by coal. There is a fellow who keeps the fire going. He comes or stays all night to have the building warm for seminary. Hence, the cot in the furnace room. The tires are the extra tires that we travel with. Some kids were trying to steal them so they brought them in the church.

Skits are one of the favorite things to do at Youth Conference. The fellow in the white became the new branch president. His name is Gankhoyag. He was really funny and a great sport.

After every activity we sat down and "processed" what we had done and made the gospel applications to our lives.
Saving the baby from the lava. This is an exercise in team work.
I loved it when the leaders got involved with what the kids were doing.

Chicken Dance
Khovd Branch Youth Conference October 2011
If we were in America they would have cut down the tree to put the sidewalk in. Here trees are respected and so we build the sidewalk around the tree. I love it.
Training with branch leaders and missionaries prior to youth conference.
Quilts ready for quilting at youth conference.
I still am amazed every time I look out a window and there are gers instead of buildings or houses. Even behind the mission office there is a ger. It's my reminder that we aren't in"Kansas" any more.
Hotel laundry.
These cute little puppies were just outside our window at the hotel in Khovd. They were so playful and fun. I thought the kids would enjoy them.
Flying over this topography made me think of some planet out in space. It looks like shots from the moon. There is country here that is unlike any other place on earth.

It is October 13th. Notice how deep the snow is on the mountains already. Winter is coming.
My turn to get off the plane.
When we flew to Khovd, it wasn't a direct flight. We flew northwest to Ulaangom and then flew to Khovd. It was 1/2 hour stop and we took turns getting off the plane. Above, Tseegii and Moogi, and President Clark. President Clark below.
Bishop Damdin's cute little boy. He wasn't sure he liked us till we brought out the candy.
This is efficient baggage handling. It's cold outside so you just hand the bags through the window!
This little darling was being escorted to UB by her two emee's. Her mother had gone by car and they were bringing this little cutie. The grandparents here really raise the children. The mom's work and the grandparents take the kids to and from school and tend the younger ones. I love the traditional clothing worn by the older Mongolians. I am afraid that with the next generation this will be lost...except for holidays. It is so fun to walk down the street and see the colorful dels and hats. I love it.

Many cars have this Buddhist ornament on the front dash board. The center piece turns around. It is a prayer wheel.