Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mongolhul and Elder Ford becoming champions.

The vegetation is so lush everywhere.

Fun times with wonderful new friends....

Hong Kong from the ferry..... .
Bro. Chang....

Maybe someday we'll take a cruise to Hong Kong. That would be fun.

This is Sumiyabazar. He cried most of the trip. He really didn't like me at all. He thought I was really scary.

The building is the tallest building in Hong Kong, the International Commerce Center....118 stories. It is the fourth tallest building in the world.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I can't resist the beautiful flowers.

The wind was blowing but it was still warm. This clock tower was part of the original train station that was here. When they moved the station they left the tower. It is over 100 years old.

Notice the world class photographer....great subjects Pres. Damdindorj and Erdenseuvd.
Walking with the stars...Jackie Chan!

Bring on the martial arts...Elder Ford is ready to take you all on.

Nominshagi one of the little Selege children

What a wonderful day...with such wonderful people.

I love all the fountains and water features in this city.

The landscaping everywhere was beautiful. I don't think we ever saw a weed.

Little Nominerdene...she only liked me when I had treats. She mostly ignored and cried when I was around.

By the sea, by the sea by the beautiful sea!

I loved watching all the interesting boats that were in the harbor.
Beautiful view from the sea side.
More beauty in Hong Kong
Ganbaatar and Nergui

Brother Chan, Damdindorj, Erdensuevd, Myagmar

Tsdenjav, Dejidmaa, Tumrkhuer, Enchmend

Selegne Family
We walked the Hollywood walk along the sea shore. I think this was Goliath...or Big Foot.
Can you imagine getting 31 people through a city of 7 million on trains, ferries, and buses?
This was a monumental we toured Hong Kong together.
Ganbold was a miracle man. Brother Chang was a great tour guide.

This sweet couple had been serving in the temple and staying at Patron Housing. Their name is Suk Yi. They were very helpful and gave us great directions.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Only in the dark could adults have such a great time in the park.

Amazing Brother Ganbold (Teddy Bear) and Urahcnimeng
Hong Kong Temple at night
Folks anxious to attend the temple. Ganbaatar family, Damdindorj Family, Uranchimeg, and Odontuya.