Sunday, July 31, 2011

While we were at the animal camp this fellow came riding in. They were making a movie and he was one of the actors. It was really fun to watch.
This is Chinggis Khann's motor home. All the luxury of home where ever you go.
More costumes
Are these reminiscent of another culture?

Don't these costumes look like they could have come from the North American Indians?
Early stone work. You've come a long way , Jon, since this stone age.
Side tracked once again....

Inside the Party "ger".
Notice all the hand stitching. I can't imagine the hours and hours of work this was...or the pain to the fingers on this heavy fabric.
Inside of one of the Shaman gers.

In the center of the Shaman camp was a shrine. This nest was in the tree in the center. It was huge. After asking some questions we found out that is was a magpie's nest.
The entire camp was surrounded by this fence. It has these point to keep the evil spirits away. The blue scarves are good luck.

There were several gers showing the different kinds of Shamanism. We called this one the "party" house because of the all the bright colors.

This is the Shaman camp. Shamanism has been a part of Mongolian culture since 1,000BC. Evidence of it also exists in the Eskimo culture as well as the Indian culture of North and South America. Shamanism is alive and well in Mongolia. Our neighbor has her apartment cleansed regularly so we have heard the bells and the drums.
Traveling back in time....
Just another outhouse near the Shaman Camp.
I just can't get over all the varieties of wild flowers.
They are spectacular!

These girls were getting water and taking it to the cook house. All the water had to come from a well that was quite a walk. They had a little cart to put their jugs in. I am so thankful we don't have to haul our water. We would certainly use a lot less if we did.
This cute kitty is for Claire who loves kitties. It performed all sorts of antics and want' that keen on having its picture taken.

This bug is for anyone who says there aren't bugs in Mongolia. Yes, there are and big ones, too.
Lunch was served at this little tables. It was a very Mongolian meal complete with araig (fermented mare's milk)...I doubt I will try it again. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Beautiful music accompanied our lunch.

Friends of Khann. Martinkhaan, Clarkkhaan,
Gledhillkhaan and Shropekhaan. I don't know what happened to the Richarsonkhaans.

Mr. and Mrs. Khaan

The Royal Khanns....

On thing you could do here was try on costumes of the era. That was right down my ally...until the beetle ran down my arm. But I decided that was just part of the "real" 13th century experience.