Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They had the cutest strollers. I think that the little boys would love them.
This was a really interesting ride. It moves by itself but you can make it go faster if you peddle. It looked really fun.
You can see the "circle of friends".

Gone fishin'...with friends...
On the fish....
We love Mongolia....
Elder Ford loves "hanging" around.

Part of the view at the park....

Some of the rides in the park.

One Saturday we decided to visit the Children's Park. It is a small amusement park with some rides but it is one of the few green spaces in UB. Elder and Sister Gledhill, Elder Ford and Elder and Sister Shrope in the picture.

Our new missionaries from America, Elder Titensor and Elder Woodward. They are excited to begin the work. They had to wait three weeks for visa delays. But they are here now and ready to work.
Another fruit of the "garden". Elder Ford with Battengel. We love this girl.
The first tomato from the garden. WE have had many and they are delicious. Yea for the square meter garden.
Elder Ford's Garden. This has been a bountiful harvest.

The flowers in the Church garden were just beautiful.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

These are our branch missionaries, Sister Odsetseg, Sister Nymbayer, Elder Reeve, Elder Munkhnar. Good missionaries.
Last the best of all the game. We are just waiting for these tomatoes to get ripe.

More good things from the garden.

Elder Ford and his garden. We are enjoying the fruits of his labors.

These are the flowers from the Bayanzurkh Building (where we work). I know I have gone overboard with the flower pictures but after eight months of winter it has been heaven to see all this color. Someone told me that after a winter in Mongolia my favorite color would be green. They were close.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This is a terrible picture but what can you do when you are passing a truck load of cows. I would like to watch them load these animals. They are in just the opposite of how we load animals. The are across the bed of the truck. They do horses this way, too. They try and put the sheep in like this but they are a mess before long.
This is Brother Shijirbaatar. He has a daughter who served a mission to
Australia whose name is Sister October. We visited his home on the way out of town. He has two greenhouses. He has a huge garden and has a well that he dug by hand that is twenty feet deep. Thank you DIC for helping people to become self reliant.
On Sunday I went with some sister to visit Narantuya. She is a single mother with teenage son. They live in a small ger. They had gotten the material for this greenhouse from DIC and also the seeds for their garden.

This is her son. He hauls the water in these containers to water the garden and for their domestic use.

This is Sister Altansuvd (the compassionate service leader) and I didn't' get the name of the little girl and her mother. The lady on the end is Narantuya. There are two cots and one chair in this ger.

They raise the outside cover of the ger to get " air conditioning". This sweet lady is the Primary Secretary. She walks two miles each way to Church winter and summer.
Saturday evening, Elder Ford baptized Tuvshinjargal. He is the Branch President's grandson. The hardest thing was to find a pair of pants long enough for Elder Ford.

Elder Munkhbaatar and Elder Tuyabaatar with Tuvshintugs.
This is the Young Men's and Young Women's President. They are just out of YM and YW. Their counselors are still YM and YW. They did an amazing job of getting the youth involved. All but 3 of the youth in their branch were at some part of youth conference. Great young leaders.