Monday, February 27, 2012

Tsagaan Sar with Adiyabold andTuul and Adiyabold's family.
Nasandegler, Ariunbolor, and their daughter.
Nadandegler was playing with his little boy. He was trying to get him to blow the blocks down.
Adiybold and Tuul's children and their cousins.
Tuul with their baby, Adiyabold,, a niece, Adiyabold's mother, Adiaybold's sister, Ariunbolor (Adiyabold's sister-in-law), Nasandegler.
Adiyabold's family...his brother Nasandegler, his sister, his mother, Adiybold
This is the remains of winter...I hate the dirty coal dusted snow.

This is the Bayanzurkh Building. This is the mission headquarters as well as the stake offices for the UB West Stake, and the UB East District offices. One branch and one ward also meet here.

These people are the pioneers of Mongolia. They are responsible for over 300 people joining the church. They have been involved in all aspects of the growth of the church.
Delicious khuushuur, fruit salad and carrot salad...and of course, buuz...
Dashdavaa and Enkhjagan's family with traditional Buriyat clothing.

Dashdavaa, Enkhjargalan and some of their family.

On the evening of the second day we had Tsagaan Sar with Enkhjarglan and Dashdavaa. The missionaries had a great time playing ankle bones.

Tsagaan Sar at Ganbolt's home. Elder Boyd, Ganbolt, Duuree, Elder Ford, Sister Ford, Sister Clark, President Clark, a relative of Ganbolt and Duuree (Ganbolt's sister).
Duuree served a mission in Oregon. President Clark's brother lives there. As Sister Clark was looking through a family album she found a picture of her sister-in-law with Duuree. Small world in the church...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

More missionary fun during Tsagaan Sar. Top left: Elder Myagmardorj, Top right: Elder Davaadorj, Center: Sister Khishigbayar, Sister Solongo, Bottom Left: Elder Quinton, Pres. Clark, Elder Haas
Eeggii's family with Elder and Sister Ford
Eeggii, her mom, Erdentsetseg, Uuriintsolmon, her brother (nephew)
Eeggii's brother was not going to smile for the pictures so he got a little encouragement from President Clark.
You have to be careful when you enter a ger that you don't bump your head...especially if you are Elder Ford. You must never step on the threshold either. It is very impolite.
More wonderful memories with missionaries.

It was a wonderful day to greet all the missionaries.

On the second day of Tsagaan Sar all the missionaries of the city came to the church to give the traditional greeting to President and Sister Clark. They were mostly all dressed in their traditional clothes. It was really a treat to see this. It was very tender for me because transfers are this weekend and I knew I wouldn't see some of these wonderful missionaries again.
This is the last bread bread I made in Mongolia.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mother and daughter, Sister Tungalag and Sister Inchinkhan
Senior couples at Sister Tungalag's home.
My dear, dear friend...Puje and all her personalities....
We were on our way (in heavy traffic) and passed a group of missionaries. They were walking faster than we could drive. Fun group!
Do they come any cuter than this?
President Batzorigt, his wife Zulaa and family. (President of the Sunkhbaatar Branch)
Front Row: Elder Gledhill, Pres. Clark, Elder Martin, Elder Ford, Elder Shrope, Elder Richardson, Elder Hunt. Back Row: Sister Gledhill, Sister Clark, Battsey's Mom-Shuurai, Sister Martin,
Sister Ford, Sister Shrope, Sister Richardson, Sister Hunt, Battsengel
Senior couples at Battsengel's home for Tsagaan Sar.
Battsey's father and brother have passed away. They remember them with this special offering.
A beautiful Tsagaan Sar table, including the traditional sheep.
Boov at Battsey's home. A boov is made up of an uneven amount of layers. The odd layers represent happiness and the the even sadness. So you always want to have an odd amount so you can have a year of happiness.
It isn't enough to have four lanes in a two lane road. Some vehicles create their own lane on the side walk.
One of the traditional things Mongolian men do is pass the snuff bottle. This is carved out of a rock. They carry it in a special pouch on the front of the deel.
The first day of Tsagaan are some of the missionaries who wore their traditional clothes.

This was a beautiful boov ready for Tsagaan Sar.