Monday, April 2, 2012

Departure Fireside
February 26, 2012

1. Onon, Sister Ford, Sister Ford, Orkhon, Elder Ford 2. Sister Ford, President Altansukh, Elder Ford 3. Oyun 4. Sister Ford , Elder Haas, Elder Ford 5. Sister Martin, Eegii 6. Sister Ford, Nassanbold, Elder Ford 7. President Altansukh, Buyanzaya, Sister Gledhill, Elder Gledhill

1. Elder Munkhbaatar 2.Elder Lloyd 3. Elder Woodward 4. Elder Wilson 5.Elder Reeve
6. Elder Huff 7. Elder Zorigtbaatar, 8. Elder Myagmardorj 9. Elder Jolley

1. Sister Ford, Sister Solongo, Elder Ford 2 Sister Ford, Sister Khisigbayar, Elder Ford 3.Sister Ford, Kherlenchimeg , Sister Soyolmaa, Elder Ford, 4. Oyun 5. Elder Gledhill, Sister Gledhill, Sister Ford, Elder Ford
6. Sister Martin, Eeggii. 7. Sister Bolor-Erdene, Sister Ford, Sister Khongorzul 8. Sister Ford, Kherlenchimeg, Elder Ford 9. _________, Sister Ford,_________, Elder Ford

1. Sister Ford with Tseegii translating. 2. Elder Ford with Tseegii translating. 3. Back row- Elder Davaadorj, Elder Nyambayer, Elder Myagmadorj, Elder Munkhbaatar, Elder Tuvshintogs.
Front Row- Sister Otgontuya, Sister Khishigdulam, Sister Munguchimeg, Sister Solyolmaa, Sister Munkhzaya 4. Elbeg, Sister Ford, Elder Ford, Bodbaatar 5. Tseetsgi, Sister Ford, Tseetsgi's sister, Elder Ford 6. Dashdavaa, Sister Ford, ElderFord, Enkhjargalan 7.After the fireside 8. Sister Ford, Kherlenchimeg, Sister Soyolmaa, Elder Ford, 9. President Altansukh, Buyanzaya, Sister Gledhill, Elder Gledhill.
This is our friend, Sukhbaatar. He reminds me of the Sea of Galilee.
We enjoyed a lovely departure dinner with Pres. and Sis. Clark. Sister Soyolmaa, Sister Khishigdulam, Sister Mungunchimeg, Sister Otgontuya, and Sister Munkhzaya with President and Sister Clark and Elder and Sister Ford.
Elder Huff, Elder Myagmadorj, Sister Soyolmaa, Sister Khishigdulam, Sister Otgontuya, Sister Munkhzaya, Elder Hunt.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

We had a wonderful lunch with Tseegii, Munkhdorj, Chinkhuslin, Elder Myagmadorj and Elder Jolley. We love this little family and it has been so fun to watch Khuslin grow up.
Tsagaan Sar at President Altansukh's home.
Back row: Batbold, Bat-Orgil's wife, Ayuna and daugheter, Bat-Orgil and daughter, Uncle Batbold, President Bayardelger
Front Row: Elder Ford, Sister Ford, President Clark, Sister Clark, President Altansukh's wife, President Altansuckh and his grandson, Buyanzaya (President Altansukh's daughter) and Chuka, President Bayardelger's wife and their grandson.
We enjoyed a Tsgaan Sar meal with Pres. Altansukh and his family as well as the other members of the District Presidency and their families.